pub struct SystemTable<'a> {
Show 13 fields pub header: TableHeader, pub firmware_vendor: *const u16, pub firmware_revision: u32, pub console_in_handle: Handle, pub console_in: Option<&'a SimpleTextInput>, pub console_out_handle: Handle, pub console_out: Option<&'a SimpleTextOutput>, pub std_err_handle: Handle, pub std_err: Option<&'a SimpleTextOutput>, pub runtime_services: &'a RuntimeServices, pub boot_services: Option<&'a BootServices>, pub config_entry_count: usize, pub config_table: *const ConfigurationTable,


§header: TableHeader§firmware_vendor: *const u16§firmware_revision: u32§console_in_handle: Handle§console_in: Option<&'a SimpleTextInput>§console_out_handle: Handle§console_out: Option<&'a SimpleTextOutput>§std_err_handle: Handle§std_err: Option<&'a SimpleTextOutput>§runtime_services: &'a RuntimeServices§boot_services: Option<&'a BootServices>§config_entry_count: usize§config_table: *const ConfigurationTable


Safe(r) wrapper around BootServices::exit_boot_services that fetches the latest memory map and ensures that pointers to boot services are removed from the system table on success.


After this succeeds, pointers to functions that provide any kind of boot services are no longer valid. This includes the console streams and memory allocation, which may be referenced by globals outside of the control of this object. It is the caller’s responsibility to make sure any dangling references are cleared or unused.

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